children_playing_outside2Early Intervention is a system of services that help the youngest of our children conquer their developmental delays and challenges. Early Intervention is considered so effective that the Individual with Disabilities Education Act requires that it be offered as an educational service by all 5o states.

Early Intervention and Beyond provides a full range of home-based Cognitive, Behavioral, Communication, Social and Academic services and therapy to children of all ages with developmental delays.  Based in Westchester County with offices in New York City, and servicing the Tri-State area including Southern Connecticut, our service provides therapy to children from 10 months to teens, along with helping to train parents to develop skills to help further assist in their children’s development.

We also assist parents who seek more than what New York City or Westchester County’s Department of Health’s Early Intervention Program can provide.  We offer a family centered model of service delivery that encourages teamwork and family participation in order to enable parents to help their children learn, grow and maximize their potential.

We help children and teens with behavioral challenges and diagnoses such as:

children_playing_outside5ABOUT US

Lisa Wallos is the founder of Early Intervention and Beyond; a Westchester County based Service conceived from her passion and belief in the Early Intervention model.  Early Intervention provides each child with an Individualized Education Plan of therapy based on their own unique academic, social or behavioral needs and the needs of their families. Lisa’s idea to provide supplemental services beyond what Westchester County and New York City’s Early Intervention services provide, was fueled from her experience of witnessing parents helplessness and frustration when their child’s services end or when their child does not receive as much Intervention as the parents had hoped for and needs.

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Services We Offer

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
  • Family Training
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Phone or Video Consultations
  • IEP Meeting Advocate
  • Home and Community Settings

    Skills We Help Build

  • Communication and Language
  • Play Skills
  • Adaptive
  • Cognition
  • Social Skills

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