Lisa Wallos is the founder of Early Intervention and Beyond ; a Westchester County and  New York City  based service which provides private and multi-experiential therapy to children with autism and other developmental delays. Lisa’s 23 years as a practitioner has taught her that achieving ones goals requires far more than home therapy services.  Lisa works with parents on a course of action which can  expand beyond structured learning in the home.  She offers  services which enable students to experience “intervention immersion”; a  far more expansive and impactful experience of learning and reinforcement that takes place in the home, school or community.

Lisa provides:

  • Highly comprehensive educational, behavioral and social therapy for children.
  • Educational counseling
  • SEIT support and child advocacy  in schools
  • Family training for effective behavioral management
  • Intensive full and half day Functional ABA sessions to address self help, daily living, social and language skills.
  • Support and strategies for “ best life “ practices that maximize learning, language and enrich social experiences.

Lisa received her M.A from Bank Street College of Education and has over 20 years experience providing family training and teaching students with developmental delays. Lisa is recommended by pediatricians and is sought by schools and families for her knowledge, compassion and drive to help her students succeed.